Injudicious Wynter Kabimba mutilating the country’s justice system

Arrogance, Constitutional breaches, corruption, decrees, impunity, greed, hooliganism, threats and higgledy-piggledy kind of governance are the characteristics that explicitly define President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) hegemonic regime.
But such behavior should not surprise Zambians because Mr Sata’s is a man well known for not respecting the rule of law nor has ever been a man who believes in good governance and the events of last week have confirmed that the fight against corruption is but just a sham.
It is therefore surprising that the opposition political parties, the church, civil society organizations, diplomats and individual citizens are shocked that President Sata has strongly come to the strong defence of his Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who are being investigated for corruption by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).
For the un oriented, Vice President Guy Scott has with bombastic arrogance told off Zambians that the PF government does not care if it will get a pasting in the 2016 elections as long as Dr Christine Kaseba, who is the wife to President Sata gets the K1.5 billion, the money that has been allocated to an office that constitutionally does not exist.
So the misbehavior of Wynter Kabimba at the ACC when he was summoned for questioning for his alleged involvement in corruption and receiving bribes to influence the awarding of a $500 million contract to Trafigura, the company that has been controversially awarded a tender to supply crude oil is not surprising.
Mr Sata and his tandem of thieves have grown so powerful that they have declared that they are above the law, untouchable and that the fight against corruption is but a political strategy to hunt down political opponents.
President Sata is a man who lies with extraordinary conviction, telling the nation that he is allergic to corruption but condoning it with glee while screaming at institutions that work to promote good governance.
By strongly defending Mr Kabimba’s corruption with a decree that investigative agencies should seek permission from the presidency, Mr Sata has clearly demonstrated that the crusade against corruption has never been his agenda.
Mr Sata in blasting the ACC for investigating his ministers is telling Zambians that the law is like a spider’s web; the small and weak are caught into it while the big and strong can tear it apart.
Mr Sata has deliberately refused to see the unconcealed corruption in Mr Kabimba and Mr Mwamba and has turned a deaf ear to calls that he should suspend the two ministers so as to deter them from frustrating the investigations.
Mr Kabimba, the Justice Minister is not the first cabinet Minister to have been subjected to investigations as there had been many before him but he is the first to have directly harassed and intimidated the ACC officials for doing their job.
When the ACC commenced its investigations against Mr Kabimba, using his authority as Justice Minister, the PF secretary general wrote to the director of commission Rosewin Wandi demanding that the findings of the investigations be made public within seven days.
Mr Kabimba later threatened the ACC with legal action for failure to make their findings public and it was not surprising that he decided to take his intimidation further by bussing his hooligans to the AAC offices where he openly refused to be interviewed in the absence of his slogan chanting thugs.
President Sata did not see anything wrong with such misconduct by his Minister and instead went on to chastise Mrs Wandi, ordering her to stop embarrassing his corrupt ministers in public.
It is ironical for Mr Sata to defend his corrupt ministers who have publicly and openly accused each other of graft.
Mr Sata’s wild outbursts against the ACC director were misdirected because it was not the commission that revealed corruption allegations against Mr Kabimba and Mr Mwamba but it was the two ministers in their greed and appetite for fast money in their pockets who accused each other of corruption and the ACC only came in to find out.
 Now that Mr Sata has banned ACC from instituting investigations against his sacred cows unless permission is sought, Mr Kabimba and his other corrupt cohorts in government will take their arrogance to the highest of levels because they have the blessings and support of their leader whose fingers are deep in the country’s purse.
Mr Sata and his tandem of thieves are of the fast lane to accumulate as much worth as possible in the shortest possible time they will remain in power and with the money; these kleptomaniacs will become extremely powerful and dangerous that the 2016 elections may turn out to be a bloodbath.
So far, the image of the MMD is that of a corrupt party yet of the many that have been accused of corruption, including former president Rupiah Banda, none has been found wanting apart from Austin Liato, the former Labour Minister.
According to Mr Sata and his Justice Minister, Mr Kabimba, whose mind is full of paranoia, the MMD, the former ruling party and its leaders are the most corrupt and that its members must be investigated albeit using newspaper headlines.
The PF in government could not have taken this long to start prosecuting their MMD suspects if they had any tangible evidence of wrong doing and that is why they have resorted to slander, malice and name calling rather than proving their allegations.
If the MMD was as corrupt as they claimed, many would have started saving jail sentences by this time because President Sata and his PF were so desperate to convict some people particularly president Banda and his family.
Now that they are failing to find anything, they can only shout in newspapers that they worked hard to remove Mr Banda and the MMD from power and it is their time to eat.
President Sata and most of leaders in PF were unelectable and still are anywhere in the world except Zambia where voters are driven by hatred which was adequately propagated by Fred M’membe and the Post, condemning the country to having a president whose political modicum had a clear coat of despotism.
In his hate messages against Rupiah Banda and the MMD, Fred M’membe and his Post unscrupulously turned Zambians into no more than a herd of cattle that does as it told, shepherded into voting for people with fractured political intellect.
Zambia, under the Sata administration is on a dangerous political trajectory and most individual Zambians, opposition political parties, the civil societies and the church are aware of this tragedy but are dumbfounded by the prospect of being hunted down by the state for unspecified crimes.
For now, the opposition political parties may have chosen fragmentation over unity in fighting the despotic Sata administration and if they have to make any difference in 2016, they must listen to what Dr Scott, the country’s Vice President has arrogantly said about the K1.5 billion for Dr Christine Kaseba who does not hold any constitutional office apart from enjoying the privilege being a spouse of the president.

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