Injustice suffered by Pensions and Insurance Authority directors

Hai ZWD. I have been following your cases regarding Tobias Milambo and Ultimate insurance. Now I don’t know if you have followed the case of the 3 suspended PIA Directors also which I think are somehow linked to the Tobias Milambo case. Their case was due to commence trial about two months ago but the state had raised issue on the lawyer that was representing them, Kaumbu Mwondela. The State wanted him to not represent the 3 because they claim he would be conflicted as he is also the institutional lawyer for PIA. So this meant there was a trial within a trial. The allegation from the state is that Kaumbu whilst in his capacity as lawyer for PIA, attended a pre-trial meeting at Twangale on 12th June, 2020 in the company of the PIA Board Chairman and Board Secretary. The said pre trial was to prepare PIA witnesses in the case of Tobias Milambo and also the case of the 3 suspended PIA Directors. Well this morning, the Magistrate who is presiding over the case of the 3 suspended PIA Directors decided to ask Kaumbo Mwondela to recuse himself off the case even before been given a chance to invite his own witnesses. The state brought a witness in Noel Mwanza from National Prosecution Authority who during cross examination failed to prove that Kaumbu was aware that the meeting he attended was a pre trial meeting. The 3 suspended directors have been asked to look for other lawyers to defend them. According to your own analysis, wouldnt this be an infringement on the right to choose one’s legal representation? Also how can one prove the said conflict of interest of the lawyer? Remember this is the same lawyer who government newspapers ran headlines that he was arrested at the courts before starting to represent his clients? That case has never seen the light of day despite the noise made about his arrest.

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