Choma detainees escape through a hole

Here is one example of a prison in Zambia

Here is one example of a prison in Zambia

Six suspects have escaped from police custody in Choma after breaking out from their cell.

District police Chief Jackson Simfukwe confirmed this to ZANIS that the six suspects escaped around 03.30 hours early today.

Mr. Simfukwe said the suspects managed to break out by making a big hole in the wall of the cell which is distantly located from the main police station.

He said two of the escapees were charged with the offences of burglary and theft, while two others were charged with suspected store breaking. The fifth was   facing the offence of defilement and the sixth the offence of escaping from lawful custody.

The Choma police station cells which have been described as insecure and improper are in an old structure which previously used to be a storeroom for a farm house.

The cells have neither toilets nor water facilities, prompting the District Joint Monitoring Team on Sanitation chaired by Chief Macha to recommend that they be closed.

Mr. Simfukwe has appealed to members of the public with information leading to the re-arrest of the fugitives to contact the nearest police station.

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