Inner-cycle Corruption at Lusaka Police Division and tribalism in police


It is our respectful anticipated wish that all well-meaning sane and corruption allergic Lusaka residents know that Lusaka Divisional headquarters is a ‘business empire’ run by its depraved ‘business executives’. Lusaka Divisional headquarters is situated along Church Road, near Evelyn Hone College, opposite Levy Park shopping mall, dubbed ‘Central Police Station’ by many Lusaka residents.

This firm includes the Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.), the Divisional Criminal Investigations Officer (D.C.I.O.[Assistant Commissioner of Police]), the Divisional Traffic Officer (D.T.O.[Senior Superintendent]), and the Divisional Police Intelligence Officer (D.P.I.O.[Assistant Commissioner of Police). This proscribed institution receives unclean monies cyclically from Criminal Investigation Officers (C.I.Os), Traffic Officers (T.Os), and Police Intelligence Officers (P.I.Os) respectively throughout the province. This superior police ranks coterie obtains ill-gotten dosh through an organised illegitimate “Lusaka Division Revenue Authority” (LDRA).

This corruptly obtained huge amount of money is used for self-aggrandizement and appeasement of their superiors. Lusaka Division’ as it is called is probably the dirtiest in surreptitious corrupt activities of all divisions in Zambia. The above stated superior officers’ malodorous decadence is abuse of office which must be destroyed at all costs. This current Lusaka Province Police Elite’s inconspicuous and unconstitutional conduct is prototypical to corruption, bribery and dissipation among the bulky of junior police officers in Lusaka province.

The current D.C.P. however has miscellaneous sources of illegal revenue collection apart from any police officers. This encompasses: the Asian and local business men. Despite being married, he finds pleasure in destroying other officers’ marriages. We unpretentiously petition that he halts his ‘questionable’ associations with ‘that’ married female superior police officer deployed under Operations.

This female superior officer’s unprofessional link with this D.C.P. has not only narrowed his judgement and decision-making scope but has also brought divisiveness at this Division. This D.C.P. must likewise find wise counsel from credible sources than from this ‘story teller’ female superior police officer. This D.C.P. should also stop intimidating many of us and be impartial when dealing with police officers in general.

All C.I.Os., T.Os, and P.I.Os in the province are ‘mandated’ to remit illegally obtained money to their superiors at provincial administration. These C.I.Os., T.Os, and P.I.Os do so because they are told by their ‘superiors’ that it is the only way to maintain their positions and win favours.

This relationship between junior and superior officers has given birth to great indiscipline in the police service where those officers affiliated to these superior officers can choose which section to work from, be transferred to stations of their choice, cannot be disciplined by their immediate supervisors.

What are we saying here? What we are saying is that the corruption that Lusaka residents observe at police stations and on roads is not necessarily personal but a revenue collection arena for their bosses at Lusaka Division. We expect as Provincial Commissioner that Mr. LK will neither believe nor doubt this package but be simply analytical.

Encouragement of Corruption by President Michael Sata.

We also want to all Zambians to know that in 2012 Ms Mary Chikwanda while in Northern Province as Police Commissioner told one of her funding sharing-mate in a dispute that she was allowed by the republican president Michael Sata to be getting K35,000 for personal use from the funding and less than the stated amount if the funding wasn’t enough. ‘If you want to confirm that, you can phone the President’ said Mary Chikwanda to the then accountant. This is not a fairy tale! This matter was reported to High authorities but no justice was secured. What we do not know is whether she still does so in Southern province.

Nepotism and Tribalism in the Zambia Police Service

Let us start with the appointment of the Inspector General of police ‘Stella Libongani.’ Stella Libongani is a niece to Inutu Suba. Suba has been and is still President Michael Chilufya’s concubine and both have a son. Libongani did not ascend to the position of I.G. on merit but on nepotistic grounds. Western Province Police Commissioner, Lombe Kamukoshi is Bemba and President Michael Sata’s granddaughter. She rose quickly from Senior Superintendent to Commissioner of Police for Western province during soon after her grandfather’s became president despite her history of stealing and using Admission of Guilty money when she worked as Officer in Charge in Lusaka and Northern Province. She did not get that position on merit but on tribal line. Police Commissioner for Eastern Province Grace Chipalila is Bemba and her father is President Michael Sata’s relative from Mpika. She too did not get that position on merit but on a nepotistic domain. Police commissioner for Northern Province Charity Katanga is Bemba and calls President Michael Sata ‘grandfather.’ Sometime this year when asked in Zimbabwe by her grandfather why she was not in inform, she simply answered ‘I do not have a wardrobe in Zimbabwe.’ Well, we think ‘wardrobe’ refers to clothes collection generally.

Police Commissioner for Southern Province, Mary Chikwanda ‘mixed blood’ and is related to the president not because of the name ‘Chikwanda’ but because one of her parents comes from Mpika while she has some Eastern Province blood. Copperbelt Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa is in that position because she is Bemba. This is a reflection that she got that position not on merit. Police Commissioner for Muchinga Province, Bonnie Kapeso is Bemba and too did not ascend to that position on merit, but on tribal and a nepotistic dimension.

Police Commissioner for Luapula Province, Malcolm Mulenga is Bemba and thus has not ascended to that position on merit. He too considers corruption and oxygen as similar. However, the Lusaka Police Commissioner, Mr. Lemmy Kajoba is a North-Westerner; the Central Province Police Commissioner, Mr. Standwell Lungu is an Easterner while the North-Western Province Police Commissioner, Mr. Eugene Sibote is a Westerner. You can perceive the tribal and nepotistic hand in domination of Bembas in the Zambia police top brass. In simple mathematical terms 7 out of 10 Police Commissioners (70%) are Bembas-speaking provinces (Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces). If you consider this scenario coincidental, we respect your opinion.

Natural law theory opines that morality is exhumed from human beings’ innate sagacity regarding right and wrong rather than the law created by society.

Tribal Retirements and Quips

The getting rid of Police Commissioners: Mr. Antonell Muthentwa and Brenda Muntemba were purely on tribal lines because they two belong to the Bantu Botatwe (Tonga-speaking) group. It is also interesting to note that Northern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has openly told Mr. Muyambango a Lozi, Commissioner that she cannot work with him because he is Lozi. This same Commissioner expressed distaste for Mr. Nawa Mubita a Lozi and an Assistant Commissioner of Police (currently the Northern Province Divisional Criminal Investigations Officer [D.C.I.O.]) and she has done everything possible to have him transferred from that province. Tribalism and nepotism are not novel to Zambia police service. But what is categorically unusual is the high degree of their prominence in the stratagems of running of the Zambian government’s affairs such as in the selection of Provincial Police Commissioners ever since the PF Party’s ascendance to power in 2011. Despite being present, why were these vices not so much of an issue in the KK, FJT, LPM and RB regimes? The answer is obvious. President Michael Sata is ethnocentric, nepotistic and is Zambian’s 5th republican President who will only rule Zambia for a single term of 5 years. Remember the number ‘5’ is prophetic!! When Mr. Hikainde Hichilema forms government in 2016, he must rid the Service of all nepotistic and tribal appointments and of all the old-fatigued Police Commissioners by terminating their contracts and replacing them with young, energetic and vibrant officers.


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