Inonge Wina agrees that there is no Barotseland

Inonge Wina agrees that there is no Barotseland

Vice-president Inonge Wina says she fully supports the banning of the name ‘Barotseland’ from Parliament and any other Zambian offices or documents.

Last week, deputy speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala banned MPs from mentioning the name Barotseland saying it was illegal.

Namugala said there is no place called Barotseland as the same was a British protect before independence.

Commenting on the development, Inonge Wina said she only knows Western province which is part of Zambia and not under some King.

Wina said she was happy that deputy speaker Namugala has provided guidance and put to rest the topic. She says she expects all MPs to respect Namugala’s decision which according to her builds on the one Zambia one nation.

Asked whether the Litunga can still be referred to as King of Barotseland, Wina said ‘there are is no Barotseland’.

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