Inonge Wina chased by Sata, I doubt

Dear ZWD editor,
I read some trash about Gender Minister Inonge Wina being chased by president Michael Sata at State House yesterday, Monday 28, July 2014. According to the story first created and posted by some PF lunatics, Wina was sent by Wynter Kabimba to go and check on how bad the dementia is on Sata.

My question is why would Wina go to Sata’s bedroom when it was Monday and the president and his ministers were supposed to have the weekly cabinet meeting? Inonge Wina is a cabinet minister right, and there are weekly cabinet meetings, which we hear Sata chairs every Monday? And Kabimba is also a cabinet minister, so why would he send another minister to spy on Sata’s sickness when he was in the cabinet meeting with Sata?

Or maybe the PF chaps who posted this information first didn’t realise they are inadvertently confirming that there are no cabinet meetings because Sata is too sick to chair them?

Yours Galamukani

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