Inonge Wina claims she betrayed Lungu by mistake

PF Vice-President Inonge Wina now claims she voted with the opposition by mistake on a motion to expedite payments for retirees in Parliament.

The motion was moved by Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Garry Nkombo and seconded by PF Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili.

All other PF MPs voted against the motion as ordered by their god Edgar Lungu.

But now Wina who has always been a traitor from the time of liberation war says she made a mistake:
“You’ll recall that yesterday, Wednesday 8th November, 2017, the House considered a private member’s motion moved by the Honourable member for Mazabuka Central, Mr G G Nkombo MP and seconded by the Honourable member for Roan Dr C Kambwili MP, urging the government to expedite the payment of terminal benefits to all former government employs who retired prior to 5 January, 2016. At the close of the debate, the motion was put to a vote and voting was undertaken electronically and results of the vote are as indicated on division list number three which list has been distributed as required by standing order number 16. Sir, Honourable members, standing order number 16 of the National Assembly of Zambia standing orders 2016 provides as follows: 16 (i) The Clerk shall record the votes and proceedings of the Assembly or a Committee of the whole House and the records shall be reproduced as the votes and proceedings and distributed to members … when the House is sitting. (ii) The votes and proceedings shall be signed by the Speaker and shall constitute the official day the record of proceedings of the Assembly. (iii) A clerk shall have the custody of all votes and proceedings, records and other documents belonging to the Assembly,” said Vice-President Wina.

“Mr Speaker, Honourable members, the division list number three which has been circulated correctly shows that I voted along with the ‘Is’. Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in order to avert possible speculation and a dissention regarding my vote, I would like to place it on record and inform the House and the public at large that I inadvertently voted with the ‘Is’. Mr Speaker, I wish to apologise to the right (government side) for unintentionally reducing the figures. Additionally, to the left (opposition side) to apologise for inflating the figures unnecessarily. This was, indeed, an electronically induced mishap.”


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    we have suffered a lot

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    Handebe Jacob 4 months


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    Mutub 4 months

    Leave her alone it is difficult to tell the truth in this era so to protect herself she had to find a way just like everyone has done. Dont judge her we have created this kind of Zambia

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    Christianhood messiah party 4 months

    Inonge is not only a traitor but a serious silent viper and if not caged,too much damage

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    Chelsey 4 months

    Inonge is a big traitor who tosses herself to any party that gains popularity. She has smelled the coffee allover the Zambian atmosphere about pf’s downfall. She is now in a limbo where she has to please her master Lungu and the opposition at the same time. It’s the main reason why she has decided to apologize to the Zambian people for her fake mistake. Pf policy stinks! and I’m sure Inonge knows that. Inonge don’t play innocent,you’re no different from all pf thugs who have brought miseries to the lives of normal Zambians. Please, stop that granny to join the next government as she is corrupt as hello.

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    Dominic 4 months

    If PF at its caucus took a decision to vote NO and one of its members voted differently,then that person has surely broken ranks with the Party and deserves a resignation.

    Party Secretary General should by now be preparing disciplinary Papers to charge the VP.As for Kambwili,he was long dismissed from PF and he is currently in Parliament Courtesy of the Courts.

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    Joel Simbwalanga 4 months

    Mama you did well to vote for the motion that was the decent thing you did but you are now making a mistake by apologizing

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    Evans Mwansa Loti 4 months

    Banakulu what happened?,how many mistakes are you going to make if u will have to serve as VP until 2021,don’t be caught up in your own deception

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    Yannick 4 months

    Madam old lady just resign from this thieving government
    like Levy Mwanawasa did in the chiluba regime.

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    Kongwa 4 months

    Bo Inonge mina. What was wrong with voting for the right thing. Don’t you think those retirees deserve their money? Afterall you and your ECL are busy chewing it. Please much as we know that you did not win the 2016 vote, you still need to respect the voters whose vote you stole.

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    webman 4 months

    Not to worry gig Inonge, the spirit was upon you, you have been chosen, anointed. Go with it and don’t try to resist less you are struck.

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    Toilet Kambwili 4 months

    The way the cookie crumbles. ECL should smell ‘the coffee’ that is brewing