Inonge Wina just bitter at HH’ huge support in Nalolo


Dear Editor, Please Hide My ID.
There was no any single attack on Innonge Wina’s residence. I am a police officer and a resident of Nalolo Constituency and I can confirm to you that there was no such attack on the Vice President‘s resident. In any case, an attack on the Vice President ‘s compound is Not possible even by well advanced criminals because the house is surrounded by a wall fence and is 24 hours guarded every day by the police and 5 private security men employed by the Vice President herself. Also the area is guarded by other local guards because it is part of the property for the loyal family.
So the whole story of the said attack on the Vice President‘s resident had just been stage managed by the State House and the OP to appear as though the UPND is violent when in fact not. This is mainly aimed at minimizing the embarrassment that the Patriotic Front is facing following the hero’s welcome that greeted HH on the Copperbelt and Mongu and the humiliating booing Edgar Lungu received on the Copperbelt and Livingstone recently. The Patriotic Front is confused that HH is receiving support from their former strong holds and there is fear that HH may win the presidency by more than 50% to avoid a re-run in an event that 50 + 1 is introduced.
So country men and women, believe me, there wasn’t any attack on the Vice President‘s residency in Nalolo, this is just a calculated move. This is one of the much waste propaganda that the PF is desperately using. Zambians need just to sympathies with the Patriotic Front Members. They are really panicking. UPND and HH are really giving them sleepless nights and un ending high blood pressure. What upset the P.F more is that Nalolo residents respect and love HH more than Innonge Wina and Edgar Lungu combined.
It seems the Patriotic Front is losing popularity everyday due to visionless leadership of President Lungu and the laziness of ministers. By cheating people that the Vice President’s residency was attacked, the PF is hoping to divert people’s attention from real issues affecting them such as high food prices, high cost of fuel, depreciation of the kwacha, political violence orchestrated by the PF, lost jobs in the mines, corrupt recruiting of teachers and many other economic challenges caused by Edgar Lungu.
In any case last week, about 1000 people we’re beaten and injured by the P.F carders and no single person from the religious groupings condemned the attacks by the P.F on UPND but now, it is surprising that even Bwalya Frank has opened his mouth after 3 people are allegedly to have been injured. Now, the question which every Zambian should ask himself is; why didn’t ZNBC report the attack of 1000 UPND carders but very quick to report on the propaganda. Why didn’t Father Bwalya, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza and the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) Executive Director, Horrance Chilando condemn the P.F in the first place when they attacked 1000 UPND members but got excited commenting on the propaganda which in any case involve only 3 people? Please Zambians, let’s be serious with issues. Edgar Lungu has lost it.
Now where are the benefits of prayer and reconciliation if the PF can be cooking such a propaganda at the expense of fixing our economy which is the worst in the world.

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