Inonge Wina made to read M’membe’ statement condemning HH, but HH says she is not my enemy

Inonge Wina made to read M’membe’ statement condemning HH, but HH says she is not my enemy

inongeGender and Development minister  Inonge Wina has also been made to sign the statement written at the Post Newspaper to condemn a statement allegedly issued by (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema that women should deny PF thugs sex.

But Hichilema said the PF is just trying to divert attention from its failure to provide basic needs to Zambians and that Wina is not her real enemy and that he considers her his own mother.

The so called disparaging remark was only reported by the Post Newspaper, a formerly respected and trusted independent newspaper but now a government mouth-piece.

After the Post editors concocted the story, they are writing other statements and giving pro-PF NGOs to sign and or read as if they are the ones condemning the opposition leader.

A source at the Post told the Watchdog that all those statements are written by Fred M’membe who then phones the person he wants to read it or sign it then he makes sure it is distributed to all government media houses.

Inonge Wina was given the statement on Friday.

A source at the Post said you can see for yourself that the statement is written by one person because the language is the same.

The Post source said that Inonge Wina does not use such strong language as seen in the statements attributed to her but that as one of the captives she has no choice but sign it or she will lose her job like Given Lubinda.

According to the statement Wina was made to sign, Wina said it was unacceptable to perpetuate the marginalisation of women through exhibiting negative perceptions by alluding to their sexuality – as mere sex objects.

But when reached for a comment, Hichilema said the people of Zambia should not allow the PF to lie to them again by diveitng attention from the poverty and suffering that is currently being experienced.

He said the PF government is just trying to divert people’s attention from food shortages. He said accusing him, Hichilema and condemning him will not bring food on the tables of millions of Zambians who have no food today.

Pressed on to respond to Inonge Wina, Hichilema said he will not answer Wina as he respects her a lot and that he knows that she is just being used by his real enemies.

‘Mrs Wina is just like my mother just like Mr Wina was my father (Inonge is the widow of late freedom fighter Arthur Wina). And I respect her. She is not the one saying those things. We know who is saying those things through her’, said the opposition leader.

Hichilema said he will continue speaking for the people of Zambia who have been lied to and cheated by the PF.

He said it was a pity that most Zambians will have no food at Christmas and will enter 2013 with no hope, no food, and no school fees for their children

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