Inonge Wina says Lungu will decide himself whether to contest the 2021 polls or not

Vice President Inonge Wina has claimed that Edgar Lungu never declared that he will not contest the 2021presidential elections.
Responding to a question from Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa on Friday morning who wanted to find out the correct position on whether Lungu was going to contest the 2021 polls or not, Wina said Edgar Lungu merely said that his current term of office was ending in 2021.
‘President Lungu never declared that he will never stand, he said that his term of office, the current term of office ends in 2021 and then it will be decided by the party and himself whether he wants to stand(contest) or not,’ Wina said.
Under the current Zambian constitution Lungu does not qualify to contest the presidential elections but he hired a few briefcase political party jokers to petition the Constitutional Court to rule on Lungu’s illegibility to run for presidency after being elected to the office twice.
The court is yet to make a ruling on the matter but Lungu recently warned the constitutional court judges that they will plunge the country into chaos and mayhem should they rule that he does not qualify to run for the presidency in 2021.
Lungu later made a casual remark that he was not going to contest the 2021 elections but the following day his Ministers and PF Secretary General Davies Mwila insisted that Lungu was the PF candidate for the 2021 presidential elections.

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