Inonge Wina says taxes burdening Zambians

Inonge Wina says taxes burdening Zambians


Looks like vice President Inonge Wina does not support the huge and numerous taxes her Cabinet has imposed on poor Zambians.

While president Edgar Lungu has publicly supported the recently introduced tax on Whatsapp calls, Wina has appealed to the minister of Finance to reduce the number of taxes.

According to the Zambia Daily, Wina has said while it is an obligation for Zambians to pay taxes, they should not be burdened.
“My Government wants to see to it that while Zambians should pay taxes, the tax burden should not stifle their livelihoods. I am hopeful that the Minister of Finance will consider this important point when she presents the 2019 national budget,” she said.

Mrs Wina said this yesterday when she officially opened the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) service centre at Cosmopolitan Mall.

Wina can speak her mind out because she knows she can’t be fired and she knows that taxes won’t come down and she will continue benefiting from milking Zambians. Meanwhile, she can hoodwink some gullible Zambians that she has a heart and use that to campaign for her 2021 candidate Given Lubinda. Wina is propping up Lubinda for 2021 but discreetly.


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