Inonge Wina still bitter about Bill 10 failure

Inonge Wina still bitter about Bill 10 failure

*** She failed to influence her own village MP to vote for Bill 10.

Vice President Inonge Wina says she is still disappointed with the failure of bill number 10.

Ms. Wina says the UPND have done a disservice to the women, the youths and people with disabilities who were guaranteed some safe seats in the house. President Lungu has powers to nominate 10 people to parliament and can easily nominate people with disabilities instead of useless chaps like Raphael Nakachinda, even though Nakachinda has a mental disability.

According to Wina, when a bill is progressives in her eyes and is brought to parliament , it must be supported by all members of Parliament. That works well for dictatorships not democracies even fake ones like Zambia. In any case, then there would be no point of having parliament. Inonge Wina and group can just decide what is progressive and enact into law.

She added that it is a Right for every woman and young people to participate in the governance of the country. The constitution of Zambia guarantees that already. That is why Wina as a woman has been participating even though she has no influence.

Here is one example of her lack of influence. Her home village is Nalolo. George Imbuwa, the current MP there is an independent. During voting for Bill 10, he walked out of parliament. If as vice-President she can’t influence even her own village MP, how did she expect PF to win in parliament? Is she bringing anything to PF? Inonge Wina is excess baggage to PF. Adds no value. So she has to continue complaining to remain relevant and justify her position as PF Vice President

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    Musumali Liyunga 3 weeks ago

    This is the political battle of the Winas in the country. Her husband and a few of rebel Lozis fought against the Litunga to have Barotsland disappear and integrated in the failed country called Zambia. Now she is also supporting dead Bill 10 which aimed abolishing officially the BRE. To put it simply, she is now number one enemy of her people. I wonder what type of politician she is because she works so hard to suppress her on people. What we should all remember is that when we pass on, we shall be tried by the courts of our ancestors. I can therefore predict that the verdict of her ancestors will be very brutal on her.

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      Bunda mafia 3 weeks ago

      She is greed , and wat is she still doing in politics, if she  Was young she will  be a PF sleeping around Queen like Siliya , Zambians we have a big problem is she the only Lozi  , even if was tribe balancing , anyway Pamafi ledearship nothing smells good , apart from stealing