Inonge Wina still hospitalized in India

Inonge Wina still hospitalized in India

Vice-President Inonge Wina is still hospitalized in India but government will not say anything.

Meanwhile, health minister Chitalu Chilufya has downgraded his presidential ambition and is now campaigning to he running mate to Edgar Lungu.

Following the decision by the constitutional court to grant Lungu a third term, Chilufya has realized that he will not be adopted as presidential candidate but has now seen an opportunity in the ailment of Inonge Wina.

Chilufya claims that he has the backing of traditional leaders in Luapula province for the position of presidential running mate.

To his aides and very close allies, Chilufya says as running mate he will be as good as president because even if Lungu wins in 2021, his heathy is deteriorating and he Chilufya will assume the presidency once Lungu dies.

Chilufya is competing with infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela to succeed Lungu.

As for Chitotela, his drivers and other workers call him ‘your excellency’,

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