‘Inonge Wina using PF for Barotse seperation later’

‘Inonge Wina using PF for Barotse seperation later’

Dear Editor,

The recent routing of PF’s Eileen Imbwae in the Lukulu west parliamentary by-election should sound warning bells to the Patriotic Front party on how to deal with issues pertaining to the Western Province. The Western Province has its own unique political landscape and it is founded mainly on how the main ethnic groups relate to each other.

The PF were therefore warned in advance on what factors to take into account before adoptions of candidates for the Lukulu west parliamentary by-election but the warnings fell on deaf ears and instead they fell for PF National Chairperson’s sweet talk which led to the adoption of Eileen Imbwae.

The PF leadership should stop and ask itself why Mukwae Inonge Wina is so passionate about Western Province alone whereby she is national chairperson for all the ten provinces of Zambia? Madam Inonge Wina has usurped the functions of PF Provincial Chairman Kenneth Namutulo for the sole purpose of imposing Lozi individuals even in areas where these individuals are unpopular.

She has done so with District Commissioners in all the 9 newly created districts in preparation to later single handedly impose Lozi parliamentary candidates in all the 17 or so constituencies in Western Province for the 2016 presidential and general elections. For goodness sake, Eileen Imbwae’s election bid has been rejected once and forever more.

What the PF national leadership in Lusaka does not seem to have realized is that Madam Inonge Wina is in top gear laying the ground for the eventual secession of Western Province from the rest of Zambia. She instigated the firing of Lukulu DC Mr. Munzinda and quickly replaced him with her relative in an effort to build an empire for her 2016 bid for republican vice presidency. What is certain is that Madam Inonge Wina has antagonized the PF in Western Province making it almost if not impossible for the PF to achieve the much desired political foothold in Western Province.
Our advice to President Michael Sata is that he should place Madam Inonge Wina on the bench when it comes to politics concerning Western Province and instead revert to Provincial Chairman Kenneth Namutulo or else the President will be implementing the dreaded Barotseland Agreement blindly. The old woman is mischievous and indeed a wicked tribalist and therefore politically destructive. This is free advice, take it or leave it.
Keen Observer

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