Inspecting developmental projects of chiefs ?

Inspecting developmental projects of chiefs ?

By Friday Kashiwa
A Muchinga Province Perspective:
We all followed and saw for ourselves, from various media platforms, the 5 days Muchinga province presidential tour.
The tour had all the hallmarks of a PF mobilization tour as opposed to developmental projects tour.
Well, the truth of the matter is that there are no developmental projects to inspect in Muchinga Province.
So was the developmental projects inspection narrative just a cover up for the PF mobilization campaigns, looking at theresidential entourage mostly comprising of PF Members of the Central Committee and other PF functionaries.
There is nothing wrong with any Republican President meeting and interacting with Traditional leaders, the Clergy and Business community.
But there is everything wrong when such interraction forums and meetings shift from the intended objective of developmental projects to partisan campaigns and party mobilizations.
 Mr President just some humble appeal to you; next time you interract with our traditional leaders, please avoid being too emotional and political when our traditional leaders complain about lack of development.
They mean well, no disrespect at all, so JUST SHOW THEM where those developments are,  if at all they are there.
It’s not just enough or it will never be helpful to always be on the defensive, claiming that PF Government has done WONDERS in the past 10 years, without you pointing at those developmental wonders.
Yes Mr President, maybe from the aerial view of the helicopter high up in the sky, everything to you would look like PF developmental WONDERS, while on the ground the traditional leaders are seeing something different: Broken down and washed away bridges and other unfinished or dilapidated infrastructures.
Mr President, you had all the opportunity and logistical capacity  to move and drive around with our traditional leaders so that they could justify their complaints about lack of development in Muchinga Province.
And equally on your side, you had the opportunity to show them and justify your claim of developmental WONDERS PF has done in the Province.
BALANCED and straight forward equation, no need to be political and emotional.
You had the opportunity Mr President to park your helicopter at Chama High School, jump in any of the many vehicles in your entourage and drive around with the traditional leaders.
To see for yourself, without being told Mr President, about the current state of Schools, Clinics, collapsed and impassable roads and bridges.
To see for yourself the abandoned  Chama – Matumbo road project.
You had all the opportunity to park your helicopter at Shiwangandu Boma and jump in any of the many vehicles in your entourage and drive along Shiwangandu – Matumbo – Isoka road and see for yourself.
To see for yourself and appreciate why the road is now being referred to as a death trap – the HELL RUN.
To drive along Isoka – Muyombe road and many other roads linking Chinsali with other settlements.
Your personal and physical driving around would have given you an opportunity to also see for yourself that most building infrastructures initiated by late Micheal Chilufya Sata are now just white elephants.
Then after that Mr President, you would have made an informed judgement, personaly, whether what you have seen on the ground qualify to be called PF Developmental WONDERS in Muchinga Province.
Definitely for the first time Mr President, from your perceived PF developmental WONDERS,  you will even start WONDERING how you manage to get all those massive votes in Muchinga Province.
As for the massive votes in the previous elections, that was then:
Muchinga has now CHANGED.
Muchinga wants CHANGE.
Because Muchinga wants development.
Talking about the abandoned Chama – Matumbo road, Mr President, next time you come to inspect developmental projects in Muchinga Province, you will find two nice and visible Billboards:
One on the Matumbo side, the other one on the Chama side, reading and ready for your developmental inspection:
Friday Kashiwa.


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  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty 2 hours ago

    So Fat Albert Half Zulu GBM is now just a Chola-boy for Jameson Mataware Lungu, Zion’s chiksla bamusiliza!

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 22 hours ago

    Cannot Fat Albert GBM down a helicopter with his weight? He is like an oil drum, kow-towing to Lungu.

    • comment-avatar
      Chisanga Morgan 1 min ago

      Journalism in Zambia has lost its value,only a fool will call this news rather it’s direct letter or let me call direct attack to ECL