‘Instead of arresting unemployed graduates, create jobs’


Niza Phiri

Niza Phiri

Niza Phiri (youth aspiring to be Munali MP)

“The problem with the PF government is they rush to discredit serious issues by claiming issues are opposition driven, Students protest about subsidies?their answer? The opposition sponsored them., they protest about the constitution or accommodation shortage? Its the opposition sponsoring them, even when cries of the people are Genuine you want to quickly throw it out. Students are adults with an ability to reason, Whether opposition sponsored the UNZA students or not, just respond to the problem at hand. The fact is, there are No jobs in the country, and government does not seem to have any solid plan to create jobs for us graduates. The environment is not enabling to start out on your own. Entrepreneurship requires capital, where are these students, mostly from poor families going to get capital? because the youth development fund is inaccessible and insufficient” Niza said. Niza a recent graduate from the Copperbelt university and 2016 independent Munali Constituency Parliamentary Aspiring Candidate added that the government had misplaced priorities in their expenditure of money, ” government needs to understand that employment creation needs to be a top agenda item, build production industries, re capitalise kapiri glass, set up huge farmlands and export products, from profits of these companies then you can build the roads we are spending so much on,.Roads are not income generating ventures, and create no capital, moreover is traffic our biggest problem? Isn’t poverty reduction our main challenge as a country? .agriculture for example , if managed properly can help employ a lot of graduates, bring in poverty and b ring in a lot of forex for development. And we have ready markets for example DR Congo.” The former Zambia National Students Union regional adviser and former Copperbelt University Students union Council chairman. has added to the voice of people who are accusing government of dodging issues in the name of the opposition. Niza, arguably the youngest parliamentary aspirant for 2016, said it was immature of government to keep Dodging real issues, he added that This government would rather keep talking about how beautiful Mutale Nalumango is , than how to create employment for the youth. Employment we desperately need.

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