Instead of draft constitution, Kabanda publishes more hot air

The Technical Committee on drafting the Zambian Constitution has called on all Zambians to gear up for expression of their views on the first draft of the Zambia Constitution.

ZANIS reports that Committee spokesperson Simon Kabanda says the committee wants all Zambians to ensure that they participate by making their view on the country’s supreme law heard.

He said the document will be made public by the end of this month.

Mr. Kabanda said the Technical Committee assigned to draft the Zambian constitution was working hard and that the process was progressing well adding that Zambians should not be worried but have faith in the process.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the committee was working within the time frame communicated to the public and further stated that the dates stated were not just to excite citizens but to be met.

Mr. Kabanda said the Technical Committee would ensure that measures are put in place  so that the first draft of the Zambian Constitution reaches all parts of the country within few days.

He further emphasized that people across the country should not be worried that the draft might reach them late because the Committee would consider all such problems when time to distribute the document draws closer. Committee member are paid huge but undisclosed sums of money each day they sit so the more time they take, the more money they make.

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