Insulin perked at higher prices in rebased Kwacha

Dear editor,
  Iam a diabetic patient whose daily survival is dependant upon insulin( protaphane & actrapid ) administration.
I write to you knowing that Iam not alone in this unfortunate situation but there are many others in the same condition as mine. What then am I talking about regarding the Insulin ? On 9th January,2013 I went to three chemists in Lusaka wanting to  buy the said Insulin which, before 1st January,2013 was selling between K45,000(now KR 45.00) and K55,000(KR 55.00) was now selling at K150,000 ( KR 150.00 ) in two of the shops and K125,000 ( KR 125.00) in the one.
This pricing shocked me because, the rebased kwacha, according to my Indian brothers running those shops, meant abnormal increases in prices of their commodities disregarding government intentions and throwing in the dust bin” same money, same value” concept. Min of commerce and Pharmaceutical  Assoc Of Zambia where are you ?
I have proof that you may need.
 Disgusted Zambian

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