Inter-Cape Mainliners is a Zambia company, says RTSA

Inter-Cape Mainliners is a Zambia company, says RTSA

The Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) has clarified that Inter-Cape Mainliner can legally operate on local routes in Zambia.

RTSA Director, Fredrick Mwalusaka, explained that the bus company meets the necessary criteria to obtain a local road service licence in

Mr. Mwalusaka said the company has all the basic requirements to have a licence issued to them.

He was reacting to threats by local bus operators that they would take legal action against the agency if it does not revoke the local route
licence that has allegedly been granted to Inter-Cape Mainliners.

The local bus operators are arguing that Inter-Cape Mainliners was a South African company and therefore does not deserve to get a local

Mr. Mwalusaka confirmed that bus operators have since lodged in a formal complaint to his office but explained that Inter-Cape Mainliner
is a Zambian company and not South African.

He further revealed that the bus company in question has a certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies and an investment
permit from the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).

He explained that procedure was followed in issuing the licence but noted that RTSA had however written to the Attorney General for legal
advice on whether any laws were violated.

He further explained that the company had been mistaken to be South African because the majority of its shareholders were from that

Zambian bus operators have expressed concern over the issuance of a local route licence to Inter-Cape Mainliners, a company alleged to be
South African.

They complained that the move would impact negatively on the local transport industry in Zambia.


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