Intercity thug arrested for refusing to attack HH

Intercity  thug arrested for refusing to attack HH

Ino with Mulenga Sata

Ino with Mulenga Sata

A PF cadre based at intercity has been arrested for disobeying orders to attack UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Edgar Lungu’ Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizer Zulu hired the cadres led by one named Ino (in the photos below). But the cadres have refused to take up the assignment.

On learning that Ino had refused the assignment, Kaizer Zulu immediately ordered his arrest and Ino is currently detained at Lusaka Central Police station.

The bloody scheme that involves completely eliminating the opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who the PF do not want to face in the ballot paper next year.

“The thinking is simply that Zambians will mourn and complain if Hichilema is eliminated but they soon forget. If fact the PF are ready to give Mr. Hichilema a full state funeral and pretend to be chief mourners but it just ends at that”, highly placed State House sources have revealed.

Sources said the likes of Kaizer Zulu cannot imagine losing power because of the massive looting of the economy and can only see themselves in jail if the PF lost elections.

They are ready to commit any crime at the moment so as to maintain their hold on to power.

The hired thugs that included Ino are the same boys that forcefully put Lungu as presidential candidate in Kabwe through show of pangas.

Other evil schemes by the PF include fidgeting with the draft constitution and the voters register where they are now registering under ages and foreigners in their perceived strongholds.


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