Interesting facts about past Kuomboka

· Indeed Lozi’s are principled people, when Edgar stood up to give speech, people started walking away, this made him change the statement to stay I’m not giving speech but only hear to witness.

· To everyone person that attended the ceremony, 97% said they went there to see HH.

· This is the reason why the hate for HH increased because the picture of not being liked was more than clear especially when they saw the crowds cheer forward in his presence.

· This later prompted them to plan the Lungu drive-by treason trick so they can use it to kill/or get him arrested.

· Wherever HH went, crowds followed and unfortunately, no single person ever shouted pamaka for it is still taboo to speak such words in the Barotse.

· Honestly, how can HH plan to kill someone after all the praise he received, I hear some felt so blessed by just having a glimpse of him for the first time.

· Madam Inonge has also disappointed/betrayed her own and nowonder she keeps getting all those threats especially during kuomboka.


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