‘Intermarket bank pays us slave wages’

Dear editor,

Please hide my identity.

I want to let u on with what’s happening in these foreign banks especially intermarket bank. Management is so unprofessional and they pay slave wages. There has been no salary increment for 3yrs & the salaries r poor mainly k2,500  000which is the same amount that the cleaners at the bank get. Bank tellers have been turned into sales people where they have to go in the field to sell bank products @least twice a week even though that is not part of their working conditions

.every new person that joins the bank gets k1 500 000 per month until confirmation regardless of whether one has a degree or not. People are leaving this bank monthly but management does not even care. The bank is being run by unprofessional people. The union is in negotiations with management and it seems that nothing fruitful is coming out yet. Imagine there are no loans to staff members, no 13th cheque and all management says is we have no money yet we have made so much money for this bank yet we are still suffering, please expose these Cameroonians.

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