International Drug Company (IDC) fires workers for demanding decent wages

International Drug Company (IDC) fires workers for demanding decent wages

IMG_1051International Drug Company in Kabwe has fired over 40 workers for demanding decent wages from the pharmaceutical company which has also been accused of paying slave wages and managers verbally abusing workers.

Some of the dismissed workers told the Zambian watchdog that they have worked as casual workers for over four years and were getting between K59 and K187 per week. They accused the company of creating a huge pool of casual workers as a way of running away from permanent job creation.

Last year the company managed by Indians also banned unionism and threatened to dismiss all workers who were affiliated to the Zambia Union of Technical and Allied Workers (ZUTAW). The workers accused divisional manager Beatrice Tembo of verbally abusing them. They said Tembo had blessings of the directors of the company.

And sources from the labour ministry in Kabwe have confirmed having received the complaints from the workers and have promised to undertake a fact finding mission to the plant located in the industrial area. IDC was formally known as General pahrmaceutical Limited and was one of the leading pharmaceuticals company in the country boasting of good employment conditions until when it was bought by some Indian investors.

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