International standing of Zambia under PF disadvantaged Mutati for UN job

The minimum qualification for a UN job is usually a senior Degree from a recognized University which qualification must be relevant to the job applied for especially if its a technical one. What may have disadvantaged Mutati’s candidacy is the International standing of the nation currently under PF who were his backers.

There’s nothing up our cap to warrant a reward of a senior UN diplomatic position for now. Our human rights indicators are flashing red right now. Opposition who are a necessary ingredient to any functioning democracy are being crushed by the Government and their leaders make turns in Court appearances over some of the most outrageous charges a Government can ever hand its citizens. For example visiting a village chief is illegal in Zambia.

Further our nation is at logger heads with two of Africa’s biggest democracies who’s endorsement is important for such a post. The mere fact that Sata asked for support from China is an acknowledgment that endorsements by key nations is a critical factor for the process to succeed.

Another point is the way the nation’s laws view Gays and Lesbians. On his visit to Zambia, Ba ki Moon hinted on the need to recognize the “rights” of homosexuals in Zambia. The US ambassador Storella repeated these sentiments a little time ago. This is a matter that Zambians are not familiar with but which is a real big deal in International relations and human rights agendas around the World right now. Zambia a deeply conservative Nation culturally will find it difficult to fathom and appreciate this but must not stifle open debate on the subject. The arrest of Kasonkomona for merely discussing homosexuality on live TV sent mixed signals around the world.There’s no harm in studying how Malawi got involved in an International altercation when under Mutharica, they locked up a Gay couple but forced to reverse under Joyce Banda.

Finally, PF is being viewed in diplomatic circles as deliberately fanning ethnic tensions among its citizens. The World is alive to the Great Lakes nations of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda where such activity resulted in a massacre that was only witnessed in World War 2 and Kosovo. Zambians share ethnic affiliations to these nations and a spillage is possible. A few flags are being raised in this regard. There is no way Felix would have won this post with these kind of credentials the Nation has.

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