‘Interviews are Satanic’


Interviews are highly discriminatory and satanic. Some people are not good public speakers & others are. Using Interviews as a basis for selection of a right candidate for an opening would just give an advantage to those who are not necessarily good at their work but at speaking in public. Good public speakers are like marketing executives. Marketing executives will convince you to buy a product but they can not make the product.

Those who are behind the product will usually find it difficult to sell their product but when they involve marketing agents, its wonders! In most of these big Institutions, people who can perform well practically for an opening are shunned because they are shy & are not good pulic speakers. Therefore, people who have the right qualifications but can not perform well practically are hired and that lowers the productivity of the company. In conclussion, I am urging our HRs to start exposing our applicants to more practical work during the selection process. Lets not rely too much on oral interviews. Speaking well in public is a talent so stop disadvantaging people who are naturally shy but can perfom well at the actual job. Lawyers failed mathematics at grade 12 but when they stand in court to tell you about mathematics, you will just be like wow! Kanshi mayo teti basange na 3×8-1/4+9 without using a calculator.

Mercy K

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