Interviews to enter Kelene Nursing college in Mwinilunga full of corruption

Dear editor,
First of all, I would like to thank you so much for the great job you are doing in helping publish issues that are affecting our country. Surely, this is a job of sacrifice and only true patriotes like you can do this for their own country.
Zambia today has alot of youths who have completed school but still lack places in nursing colleges not because they are dull but largely because there are few places in the colleges and to a greater extent due to the selfiness through corruption by those involved in the recruitment process. Its a latter that makes my heart bleed with pain because its such an inhuman behavior that usually robes the poor intelligent youths places in nursing college.
Between the 14th and 17th February, Kalene Nursing School held open interviews in Mwinilunga. In these interviews some people who did not meet the entry requirements were told not to go ahead attending the interviews whilst others were allowed to attend. It was clear red and white very well known that some people who were interviewed did not have the entry requirements because these were people who were seen to resit some subjects last year in December, the Grade Twelve results which have not yet reached Kalene. This behavior at Kalene Nursing College seems to be continuing every year because even 2 years ago they were some candidates that were enrolled without entry requirements who are still even in college.
Some other corrupt practices seen during this period of interviews was that the male interviewers driving a dark jeep car was also seen in the evenings with some some ladies who were interviewees. We wonder where the fairness lies especially when an interviewer who is a man is found to be close with a lady interviewee in the evening. What exactly were these people doing with these ladies? Where were they going or coming from with them? This is a common sense, a rat cannot be with a cat in the same cardbox because one of them will be eaten.
It’s my sincere request that anti corruption commission comes in to investigate these matters raised. It is also important that the relevant authorities that govern nursing find means and ways to reduce the number of men on the pannel of interviewers or rather always be available to monitor the process of recruitment. Everyone in this country wants a fair opportunity for places in the college but this is only possible if such behaviors are curbed.
Concerned citizen

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