Intolerable power cuts in Kabwe

I don’t know whether to call it load shedding or black outs, they called it load shedding and they gave us time table with a point that there is low water at kariba dam but after the heavy pour of rain still power is still going without any apology from ZESCO or any form of announcement the poor Zambians.Some us are students and we have children who are going to school they need time to study. How you wake up in the middle of the night to study and find there is no electricity? Our computers they need power for you to write some assignments yet the exam has no excuse whether the was no power or what. Please inform the public on what is happening. The same with Lukanga Water they cannot come out and inform the public on what is happening . We cannot understand why all these things are happening or they are also getting water from kariba dam?, innocent Zambia are suffering going out to fetch water from institutions where there are boreholes. Let the Government look into this issue otherwise it is losing its popularity with these things which are happening giving it an oversight. wake up Zambia

Kabwe resident

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