Introduction of fees to enter Tanzania shows Zambia’s broken relations with neighbours – Saunders

Political activist Dante Saunders has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) government to do a damage control on Zambia’s  continued deteriorating image to the international community if the country is to continue enjoying a good relation with its neighbors.

Mr. Saunders explained  that it is important for Zambia to improve its relations with its neighboring countries as Zambia is not an Island that can do away with international community.

Mr. Saunders has pointed out the new two kwacha boarder pass fees introduced by Tanzanian government for Zambians entering that country as an example that to some extent indicates Zambia’s souring relationship with its neighbors under the PF government.

Mr. Saunders has also described the blocking of former president Rupiah Banda’s trip to South Africa by the government as a clear demonstration of vindictiveness which he notes also has the potential to tarnish Zambia’s image to the international community.

The veteran political activist was speaking to Qfm in an interview.


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