‘Investigate Choma civil servants as well’

By Norman Kapata

A prominent Choma resident has welcomed the call by Local Government  & Housing Minister Ben Tetamashimba for all Government Ministries in the Country to be investigated by the Anti –Corruption Commission (ACC) even at District level in order to asses the level of corruption in the Country.

Moses Mwansa disclosed this in an interview that people have perceived the Ministry of Health as one of the most plundered Ministry in the Country but if all Ministries were to be audited citizens will have a clear picture of Government departments where funds are being stolen.

Mwansa disclosed that most Civil servants in Choma were running expensive lodges and chemists in the district a fact that has gone unquestioned adding that the stance taken by the Republican President Banda to fight corruption is welcome but should not just be concentrated in Lusaka but be conducted at district level.

A street in Choma

A street in Choma

Mwansa disclosed that some Government officers in the distinct have over stayed in one place for a long time and have since found loopholes to plunder public resources and wondered why the Civil servants were crying for increments while the some people were buying expensive cars and running expensive lodges in the District.

He was reacting to recent media reports where Local Government and Housing Minister Benny Tetamashimba suggested the need for all Ministries to be investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in order to asses the levels of corruption.

Tetamashimba said he believes that most of the houses that have been built in Lusaka’s Chalala area are as a result of corruption and therefore the need for all Ministries to be investigated.

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