Investrust Bank Employees in Black protest

Dear Editor,

Its so strange that ALL employees of Investrust Bank PLC are wearing BLACK after doing a ka small investigation. They said its a PROTEST against the lowest salaries they get which is ZMW1,000 – 2,000 GROSS.

This is the lowest paying bank in Zambia when everyone in Management are happy. How can someone survive with such money after the work they do.

They are demanding a salary increment of ZMW2,500 but the selfish bank is only agreeing to give them ZMW500 so they have decided to PROTEST humbly by wearing Black.

The cost of living is so high. These employees are just working to cover transport costs with such salaries.

Please investigate more.

We believe in the media to help such poor employees air their VOICES,

to be helped otherwise their protest will be in vain.

Let the public read and help.

Go to the branched are see for yourself.

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