‘Investrust bank faulty ATM frustrating’

Dear Editor.
I wish to register my displeasure through your online newspaper hoping that something can be changed.
Despite this bank’s motto of ‘bank with your own’, I feel disappointed.
ATMs for Investrust bank are always out of service over weekends.
For the past two weeks I have been failing to make any transaction on any of their ATMs.
What is frustrating is this bank’s habit of playing a movie on their ATMs.When you insert an ATM card it will allow you to enter PIN number
and give you option of available services.Now after selecting any service their ATMs would allow you to explore until at last.you will be told OUT OF SERVICE please visit another ATM.
I have tried Pick and Pay Woodlands ATM,Butlers at near Kangwa and Clans near Clans but still the same.
Please follow up this problem.Why should we be charged ATM fees on unavailable services.
Thank you.

Note:I prefer to be anonymous

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