‘Investrust tempers with its ATMs’

‘Investrust tempers with its ATMs’


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 15.57.56Watchdog,

We depend on you nowadays, Please expose this thieving Bank called Investrust Bank so that the majority are made aware.

The Bank has a system where they temper with their ATMs so that cards are captured, therefore customers are made to draw over the counter, for this reason, the Bank charges what they term OVER THE COUNTER CHARGE per transaction. This charge range between ZMW30.00 to ZMW80.00 PF worthless money. You will notice that Investrust Bank is the only Bank with pathetic ATMs.

Similar scam is with regards to issuance of cheque Books. When the cheque Book finishes or indeed requisition for first one, it take this Bank three to Six months for a customer to receive his cheque Book. Within this period, each over the counter transaction you do, you will be charged this useless charge which is purely FRAUD.

I urge you Watch Dog or Indeed BOZ staff in charge of commercial banks supervision to go out and get the real reason behind such stupidity in the system at Investrust Bank, thus subjecting us to this fraudulent activities.

Disgusted Investrust Customer


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