Iris Kaingu praises PF, says UPND is violent

Iris Kaingu praises PF,  says UPND is violent


After her party lost, She wrote👇

‪Truly the danger of a single side of a story will destroy most things. Sesheke by election has really taught me that. The ruling party PF have really tried to be civil. I live in Sesheke and I’ve witnessed the violence first hand. Careful of the media!

Iris is the daughter of former PF minister of Education Michael Kaingu and is famous for dirty videos from her college days .

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    She’s entitled to her opinion. Please don’t insult her.

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    BENE BANYEKE 4 days ago


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    ba bob 5 days ago

    sis you are right ba upnd is o about hate,tribalism, witch, na ma jerousy,to hell Mason club,Zambia is a Christian nation Satan will not rule this great nation

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      Bo Ndatahe Sepiso(Hope) 4 days ago

      Why then don’t you pray for the so called Manson to be delivered if you a holyspirit filled Christian ?

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    Where is njimbu, has he seen now that boma ni boma. UPND has won the shesheke by election and Mr know it all is quite. A test of what is to come in 2021 boma ni boma. Police well done even though your wing is headed by a polical sympathizer. But remember his always got a full plate of food when your salaries are delayed. You are trained persons and its good in years that for the first time you have put into practice of what you are trained to do, arrest a law breaker not who the street vendor tells your to arrest. Well done guys in uniform, its you duty to protect the constitution of the country and not individual of which I feel safe to be a zambian again. Remember with or without PF you are employed by zambians not the party in government. Keep it up.

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    Njangwamuloty 5 days ago

    Mwana shwela feela muna kange Iris! Buñata haki momuikataleza ku soma kwateni malupi ha mindesha akona kona mutayo shwa cwale musa lengulisi kwatenu.

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    kamuti 5 days ago

    On this one I support her….! Tasila wena ulobezi ni banna babakai for you to call Iris a prostitute?????
    Iam a sesheke resident and saw what happened. Typical of Mapatzya fomula to creat confusion and blame PF…!!!

    Wait for 2021 and see how you will cry…!!!

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    Big one 5 days ago

    Is this not the pornographer?

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    kalaba 5 days ago

    And we all enjoy it?

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    interesting to hear from a prostitute forever.

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    abilima 5 days ago

    Let her express her opinion and let people – at least those that are intelligent concentrate more on what she says and not on her dirty history – which she has not denied.

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    Mubyalela Sianga 5 days ago

    And what lane is that!

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    Lisa 5 days ago

    So she is also a Prostitute Forever (PF) cadre

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    Stay in your lane Iris please!

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    Just keep quite you bitch what can you tell us.

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    shu shu shu 5 days ago

    Why is sex called dirty when we are all a product of sex?

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    Tasila 5 days ago

    Wena lihule tuwe lwa ziba za hao