Is Alexander Chikwanda a Freemason?

Is Alexander Chikwanda a Freemason?
Carefully read the following statements.
1st February 2014, Post News Paper, Alexander Chikwanda, Acting President says:
“In Zambia, people have only rights and privileges but have no obligations, no
responsibilities or duties. And that culture has evolved right from the inception of independence. Let’s have a country where people, apart from having their lavish privileges and especially the lavish right to be ignorant and irresponsible…let’s blend this culture with the sense of civic
duty; the sense of responsibility and an obligation to our country and especially posterity.”
1st February 2014, Free Masons in Zambia’s Web Page Reads:
At every turn we hear of demands for “rights” of one kind or another. How often do we hear of duties or obligations? Freemasonry teaches the duties we owe to others; it teaches obligations that its members owe their families, their communities, and their country. With every “right” there is a corresponding duty or obligation. The world in general today is emphasizing its demands for “rights”, but is conveniently forgetting its corresponding duties. Freemasonry says nothing about “rights”, but has much to say about the duties and obligations that each member owes. If all of us do our duty, all will profit; and there is no need to discuss “rights” because, where men do their duty; justice will prevail.
Details can be found here:
Is it a coincidence that he would use the same words and lines as the Freemasons?

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