Is Edgar Lungu managing a poor family?


By Mike Chileshe

For sometime I have been thinking about the statement Edgar Lungu made before leaving for Uganda last week. The PF president Edgar Lungu said “May the rich continue in opposition”. So I’ve been questioning myself trying to find answers to this statement which I believe Edgar made without seriously considering the state of our economy and how many families out there are struggling to make ends meet. In just a period of 3 months 3 things have happened: 1-Load shedding has become a daily event on the ZESCO service timetable making every Zambian stay hours without electricity. 2-Fuel prices have gone up which has made it even more difficult for one to run a genset during the hours of blackouts and driving has become a nightmare because one needs to make sure in a day he drives a maximum distance of atleast 25km i.e to and from town if one is staying in avondale but unfortunately that 25km is not possible because of the traffic thats there in the rush hours (Morning and late afternoon hours) but yet the pathetic followers(PF) of Edgar Lungu boast that the Patriotic Front has constructed roads, so every time I have to switch off my car as I wait for the traffic to decongest just so I can save some fuel. 3-The Zambian Kwacha is dancing to a non-stop tune that is seeing the currency shrinking to a dwarf every day that comes.

But looking at all this, Edgar Lungu seems to be proud of himself and proudly making stupid statements like “let the rich remain in opposition” Figuratively speaking Edgar Lungu is saying “Let my Poor Family(PF) steal money from poor Zambians as I borrow more money to be Paid Forward(PF) when the rich come into government” So Edgar is carelessly borrowing to punish the next government in power which will have to take over the burden of paying debts that Edgar Lungu and his Poor Family(PF) have put on the shoulders of this country. Aside from that Edgar’s thick necked son Chishimba Kambwili of the Poor Family(PF) has proudly supported the increment of MPs salaries.

So in short if we keep Edgar’s Poor Family(PF) in power then we’ll be letting Zambia get poorer for more years that this Poor Family(PF) remains in power because it seems Edgar Lungu and his Poor Family(PF) are upto nothing but draining money from the poor Zambians and Edgar Lungu wants the Rich to remain in opposition so that his Poor Family can enrich itself to the level of the rich in opposition.

Mike Chileshe

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