Is Kaizer Zulu suggesting that Lungu should quit ?

Is Kaizer Zulu suggesting that Lungu should quit ?


By Pamela Bwembya

I think CIA1 deserves all the titles bestowed on him by his admirers. PF supporters generally lack the skills required to interpret things correctly, so I will lend them my brain on this one.

ONE: KZ could be saying it is better for ECL to step aside than let PF lose its grip on power on account of an unsalable presidential candidate

TWO: It is better for KZ to be fired than to allow the party to lose the next general elections.

The first interpretation is more obvious. ECL is no longer salable because of the terrible image he has painted of himself. I am talking about a president that has been incapable of disciplining those under him. A president worth his salt would actually have done away with the man that posted this bombshell many years ago. ECL has proved to be the most wasteful president we have had so far.

He has allowed those under him to render our governance institutions almost useless. He is leading a government with no resources to work with and is slowly but surely incurring the wrath of civil servants, farmers, the business community and ordinary citizens.

He has absolutely no idea about how value is created. The many splinter groups that are streaming out of PF have all noticed the unsalable vacuum. KZ is saying exactly what KBF and brave ones like Yosi Miti are saying. Step aside bwana and give your party a chance to survive.

The second interpretation is more subtle and potent than the first. While it sounds like a plea to be sacrificed to sanitize the presidency it would imply that the author has what it takes to make the party hold onto power. This would imply getting rid of whoever stands in the author’s way. this interpretation would ride on the first interpretation.

An unsalable candidate has to be somehow robbed of his constitutional court given right to go for a third term. This suggests the birth of elaborate plots to increase PF chances in 2021. The main obstacle in PF’s way comes from vote splitting that will be induced by Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambili.

It is obvious that the main opposition party has suffered no such fate. There is a great likelihood that someone is prepared to fall out of favour with the the man with a big stick just to woo the lost sheep back into the party. This would improve the PF’s fortunes a bit…

I am of the view that PF’s current position is irredeemable. Hunger, drought, power shortages and an economy on its knees will drive citizens opinions more than the sweetest promises and the craftiest lies. ‘More money in your pockets’ worked wonders but ‘NO MONEY in most pockets’ will do the needful. Is someone preparing to push the self-destruct button to make possible a fresh start?

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