Is killing lions a solution to wildlife human conflicts?

Editor, I read news that:

“The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Luangwa district has killed one lion amongst the five that have been terrorizing domestic animals in Chiendiendi and Kakaro villages.

A check at the ZAWA offices today found enthusiastic people having a glimpse of the dead lion which was killed on Sunday night at Chiendiendi village.

Sources at the ZAWA office told ZANIS that the lion, which was among four others that escaped, was killed as they were feasting on a cow that they had killed at Chiendiendi village.

The sources have warned people travelling between Chiendiendi and the Boma Township to be very careful as the four lions that escaped could be nearby within the area.

They, however, said ZAWA will intensify patrols in the area so that the loose lions could be killed in an effort to protect people’s lives and their domestic animals.”

Is this how shallow our thinking has become? Is this how we solve wildlife human conflicts, to kill FIVE LIONS?! Why not tranquilize them and sell them to South Africa if we have no use or do not know the value of this endangered species.
Plus it seems Masebo has no idea this is happening. She banned lion trophy hunting but now allows this activity to go on probably because she can’t possibly think of any other way around it.

They are eating cattle so we kill them all. Such a shame the levels of thinking, such a shame.

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