Is Lungu really humble and God fearing?

Ba zwd just write the initials of my name only.

On Thursday 23 June, 2016 I took time to listen to “Let the people talk”program on Radio Phoenix.On the panel were two people from the group calls its self Christians for Lungu and a riffraff called Mwanajiti.The Christians for Lungu said they support Lungu because he is humble, upholds the declaration of Zambia as Christian Nation and a Christian.
Well,in short these people say a humble and God fearing leader is the one keeps quiet in the midst of violence, even when his cadres plan to bring down a helicopter,invade airport, strip naked poor and helpless girl,attack,damage schools and remove opposition’s posters and billboards because he is humble.
Lungu wants to remain in at all cost and because of this he has embarked on sophisticated schemes in order to rig the elections. According to the revealed schemes on social media and the post newspaper one wander where this puts the humble and God fearing man,Lungu himself.Foreigners have been registered to vote,voters register has been tempered with,Israel company together with Ugandans is busy manipulating elections,extra ballot papers to be printed and the zaf commander is at the centre of this,phones are banned at polling stations, PF is recruiting cadres as police officers to oversee the rigging plans and the God fearing Lungu is not aware of this.He is spending tax payer’s money on any thing he dreams will win him elections.
Let us all Zambians rise and fight this humble man.

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