Is profit from Kagem emeralds coming to Zambia?

By Mwimwi Walulumba

Congratulations Kagem on the sale of emeralds from Zambia at US $11 million.

But do we have an invoice or confirmation that these funds are coming back to Zambia so that we can benefit from these forex as per the presidential directive to the Bank of Zambia?

I guess by next week the Kwacha will appreciate with all these exports in Dollars.

I am requesting the Minister of Finance and his fellow comrade from mines to issue a ministerial statement or should wait and then petition the president so that he institutes a commission of inquiry by April 2012 after they” hold there next rough emerald auction in march 2012.

We deserve to know we tax payers or Zambians. Worse, the government on behalf of the Zambians have shares in Kagem .I am also urging the Auditor General to extend the auditing firms in which government have a stake. It’s prudent that we know what is happening.

Prevention is better than cure.

The Mine has made sure that only Indians have access to the quantity/type of minerals being exported meaning Zambian/government does not have access to the information. Therefore whilst you are talking about them having raised US $42,2million from the action 57.8million or plus for undeclared may have gone to India directly.

Thereby depriving the Zambian government and people of this massive forex we desperately need in order to develop. Am suggesting that PF government should put their own eye to check what is happening at the mine as in Security and other areas so that correct figures or picture on the ground is obtained. What happens usually is that when minerals for exports are being prepared Zambian security personnel who work in the packing areas or who are supposed to witness are re-deployed in other areas for what?

In addition, government should look at the number of expatriates employed or who have continued flowing from India in the name of specialist at the mines. The Jobs the so called expatriates (Security Guards) from India are doing is reserved for Grade 7, 9 and 12’S.

We did not vote out the MMD to create Jobs for Indians but Zambians.

If expatriates are doing funny Jobs what about the local people from Chief Nkana what are they going to benefit from the wealth God has blessed Zambians with because Kagem is also poor on corporate Social responsibility.

My heart bleeds with sorrow that whilst in the management team of Kagem there is a prominent politician who was so close the power that  be by the name JOSEPH CHILAMBWE ASSISTANT COPPORATE AFFAIRS MANAGER(CB MMD PROVINCIAL CHAIRMAN) he has done little with fellow compatriot HR Manager to address the welfare or Job security for Locals.

They are also plans to terminate employs from permanent and give them new contracts fixed contracts. The question l keep on asking is government consulted as she is stakeholder. And according to researchers in Zambia in order to acquire 20%shares in a company worth 1billion u need to pay a minimum of K800milli.

Regarding Salaries, I would not want to even go there. They strip the Zambians when searching them. I believe the mine can afford modern technology which can easily detects the minerals if anyone is carrying not the type of search they subject Zambians to and exempt the Expatriates from its unacceptable.

This week, London-based and AIM-listed Gemfields ‒ one of the world’s foremost coloured gemstone producers ‒ achieved total sales of US$11 million from the latest auction of rough emerald and beryl from its Kagem emerald mine in Zambia.

The firm offered 2.1t for sale here of which 1.9t were sold. Thirty-eight companies were invited to participate in the auction and 27 of these placed bids on the goods.


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