Is Zambia a cemetery?

By Ernest C Sinyinza

A foreign visitor once pointed out that when Zambians have money or Minerals, they keep it in Switzerland or the Swiss accounts. When they are sick, they go to South Africa, London or India instead of revamping our own health sector. When Shopping, they go to China or Dubai.

When on holiday, they would rather visit South Africa, America or London instead of visiting our own beautiful tourist destinations.
When Educating their Children, they select Australia, UK or Malaysia instead of investing in our own higher learning institutions to raise
their standards.

When praying they go to Lagos Nigeria disregarding our own men of God. When they go in the diaspora they forget about Zambia and even change
their names to suite the colonial masters. But when they die, they want to be buried in Zambia. Is Zambia a Cemetery?

If we don’t change our mindset and be proud of our great nation Zambia, invest in our country  and support our own institutions and
its people this country will never develop. Times are hard, the business environment has choked many SMEs but ours is a big responsibility and duty to this great nation.

I admire the chinese, you will give them roads to construct, bridges to build but they will never keep their money in any country but their
own, and if they do they prefer bringing their own Bank of China to keep their money and support its people. Look at the Indians, they
take care of their own, very soon they will take over all the businesses in Lusaka if we the Zambians are not entrepreneurial
enough. If you are an indian and came to Zambia with nothing, they will give you capital and support your business all the way.

Look at the Somalians, they take advantage of all kinds of business they can find. Taking advantage of the cheap cement prices, making
concrete blocks which Zambians line up to buy. Alas us the youths are busy knocking on doors looking for employment yet foreigners are making money out of our own pockets. Foreign Investment indeed.

We use Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM to communicate locally yet we have a lot of locally made instant messaging applications that we have
completely ignored. It is sad that many would rather buy vegetables and fruits in super markets while neglecting our own people on

My fellow youths, I beseech you. Its up to us to turn things around, to save and serve our people. I challenge each and everyone one of you
to say NO to Employment and say YES to Entrepreneurship, say NO to political violence and say YES to peace and harmony, say NO to Gender
Based Violence GBV and say YES to Equality and Feminism.

Bantu bandi, let’s respect the Rule of Law for without it there is total disorder. But when the ‘Master’ misuses this law and order, speak out, condemn the ‘master’ but never use violence only dialogue.
Even in the face of oppression remember, the day is coming when ultimately the ‘master’ will answer to The Master, you. That time is
near when we will use our voice.

That Voice is Your Vote, therefore mwemisepela safeguard that vote. Do not despair neither should you lose hope, cast that vote in the booth,
DONOT miss the poll. Voter Apathy has killed many a great democracy, it cripples good governance and robs great minds, and the chance for
leaders and visionaries to make a difference. It is yours and our constitutional right and obligation to Vote. It is our duty to ensure
that we choose the correct leaders at all levels who will represent the interests of the people, nothing more nothing less. Say NO to
politics of the stomach, and YES to issue based politics.

How joyous it will be to see my fellow youths be adopted to stand as Councillors and Members of Parliament MPs by different political
parties. We are The Leaders of Today, NOT tomorrow. The notion of the youths being the leaders of tomorrow was clearly coined by the selfish
individuals who sought to block the great young minds from potent issues of national development and governance thereby taking advantage
of the poverty and suffering of the youths, reducing us to nothing but Tools of Violence and a means to an end.

Our responsibility and duty is beyond any political affiliation. Despite our different political views one thing remains true, our
plight is not our own but that of the people and the future generation.

Say NO to Voter Apathy,
NO to Violence,
Your Vote is Your Voice,
Your Voice is Your Right.


Ernest C Sinyinza

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