Is Zambia preparing to betray Israel again?

Is Zambia preparing to betray Israel again?


Kaunda and Sata

Zambia’s current president Michael Sata 0n 13 June 2013, sent a secretive letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, through his minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba.

The full contents of the letter are not yet disclosed and may never be but sources at the Zambian ministry of foreign Affairs say, in that letter, Sata denounced Israel and pledged Zambia’s total support and commitment to the Palestinians.

Kabimba, who delivered the message on behalf of Sata remained in Palestine for a number of days and envisaged development cooperation between Zambia and the Palestinians.

The question that Christians are asking is whether Zambia has again started the process to betray Israel again?

During the decades that Kenneth Kaunda ruled Zambia, the relationship with Israel was bad and eventually severed. Zambia, or more correctly, its leaders hated Israel. During Kaunda’s reign, Zambia always voted d against Israel at the International scene.

Israel, for its part has always tried to be friendly with Zambia. At the birth of Zambia in 1964, then Israeli Prime minister Golda Meir was in Lusaka to celebrate.

But Kaunda cut ties with Israel in in 1973 in preference for Moslems and Palestine.

Kenneth Kaunda terminated all contracts between the two countries, as well as confiscating Jewish properties in Zambia.

Before Kaunda betrayed Israel, the Jews helped Kaunda in his ‘Go back to the land’ policy by establishing settlements such as Kafulafuta.

In 1966 he asked Israel to send experts who could conduct a survey and prepare a regional plan for settlements in the Copperbelt. The Israelis remained in Zambia until 1969, formed a group of settlers, and trained instructors to help run the agricultural settlement.

A second team was sent in 1969 and remained until 1970, during which time it founded two settlements, one at Kafulafuta and the other at Kafubu, each including several villages with about 500 family units. The settlers built chicken cooperatives and raised corn and vegetables, while a regional center supplied them with general services.

The third Israeli team arrived in 1970 and directed agricultural production and marketing, and also dealt with matters of education, health, and culture. The project made it possible for the farmers in the region to enjoy a reasonable standard of living, and was supposed to serve as an example for other projects in the country.

When Kaunda  visited the project in 1971 he declared that it was an achievement that every country would be proud of, and that Zambia was close to finding the solution it had been searching for since its independence.

The agricultural project was a showcase for the government’s agrarian policies and a source of pride, which it displayed to foreign visitors.

When Zambia cut off diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973, Israel recalled the eight-man team of experts running the project.

If you want to know how the project has turned into a pile of neglected rubbish, just go to the area.

As late as 1987, Kaunda maintained his hatred for Israel. On November 29, 1987, while in some Muslim country, he went further by saying that Zambian would not recognize Israel.


Storrela and Kaunda on USA day 2013

Kaunda told a Saudi newspaper Okaz, that there was no difference between Israel and the “racist regime of South Africa.”

But Kaunda was kicked out of power in 1991. The new president Fredrick Chiluba renewed ties with Israel.

But Today, Kaunda seems to be having his way again through Zambia’s current president, a former official in Kaunda’s one-party dictatorship.

Michael Sata’s regime PF has shown a well-orchestrated policy to align itself to the same countries that Kaunda loved.

While Barack Obama’s representative in Zambia Mark Storrela, is busy laughing with and praising the Michael Sata regime; the Zambian regime is fast and furiously building connections with the countries that fall within what George Bush jr referred to as the ‘Axis of Evil’.

It is also worthy noting that just a few weeks ago, president Obama declared USA’s unbrokreable bond with Israel. See here 

Just a few weeks before Sata sent letters to Palestine in which he is said to have denounced Israel.

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