Is Zambia headed for genocide, the Cry for Barotseland?

By Sity Mwitu

I would not be surprised if you said no. In Zambia today we now have media organizations that are engaged in mediacide, which is defined as the deliberate and systematic denial of other ethnic groups termed as inferior tribes from accessing both electronic and print media in order to exercise their right of expression. Therefore, the reports from the media organization like MUVI TV on issues of Barotseland are negative and biased. We know their Ethnic policy. We all know that MUVI TV only employee workers from Eastern Province. So you do not expect them to report objectively on matters that sends them chill in their spine.

My contribution is in response to the Post Newspaper for Tuesday October 12, 2010 Editorial Comment regarding University Education, which aroused an emotional question in me. Is Zambia headed for genocide?

And this what I wrote, “While your comment focused on the need for government to support students at tertiary institutions, especially at University level, as this is the surest way or means of empowering any person to escape poverty, my focus is based on the type of person receiving University Education in Zambia?

I just want to quote one of the paragraphs in your comment that illustrates the power of education. I quote, “There is no better way to help the majority of our people to improve their lives than to help educate their children so that the next generation is better than the previous one. Many of us in the generation that occupies various influential positions today are either parents who came from a life of poverty in the village or are children of such parents. Forty six years ago when our nation gained independence, there were not many who were rich, but many of our people have made strides in various areas of our national life for the simple reason that they received a free education that turned their children of paupers into princes and princesses. It is immoral to stand by whilst an army of illiterate and uneducated boys and girls, young many and women are being consigned to a life of poverty because their government does not care.” End of quote.

What a nice way of revealing the truth. By 24th October 1964, how many graduates did this country have by ethnicity and how was poverty correlated to education visor vie ethnic groups in Zambia? How many graduates do we have today by ethnicity and how do we correlate poverty to education given the political, economic, social and religious standings of ethnic groups in Zambia today? The independence days of free education policy for all was purely done on merit, honest and love for all Zambians without any form of isms. Today’s picture tells a different story of the satanic secret policies that have been strategically hatched and executed to condemn other ethnic groups to perpetual poverty in Zambia. If you think what I am saying is false, ask all Universities in Zambia to furnish you with their 2010 list of graduates and allocate these graduates to their native provinces and see what type of picture you will be able to build.

There is so much resentment and anger in this nation because many disadvantaged ethnic groups are aware of these demonic systematically implemented policies that are condemning other tribes to poverty. This resentment is manifesting itself in the form of regional politics and movements like the Barotse Freedom Movement as well as political anger and violence. Today Zambia has started experiencing political violence, economic violence, social violence as well as religious violence. The language and tones of expression now used in these four spheres of governance tell the whole story.

Your quote tells it all. Education is the key to eradicating poverty. It is for this reason that people have argued that if you educate a girl you educate the whole family. What should not be forgotten is that on one hand while education is the key to eradicating poverty on the other hand, education is the root cause of genocide.

As you have rightly put it, behind University Education there are riches, influence and power. Education controls all forms of power except God’s power. Education is the source of economical power, social power, political power and religious power. These are the main four Earthly powers that have either developed nations or destroyed nations. It is very easy today in Zambia to tell which ethnic groups are educated, have affluence life styles and control the political, economic, social and religious spheres of Zambia. Once certain ethnic groups begin to feel that they are superior to others in terms of education, economic, social and religious standing then the country is headed for genocide.

But what is genocide, according to the website, genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Today in Zambia, there is educationcide, which I myself define as the deliberate and systematic elimination of other ethnic groups from accessing quality tertiary education especially at University level. Brilliant and intelligent students from the so called inferior ethnic groups whose parents also pay tax are demonically eliminated in 1st years and while those students who show resilience and determination to have a University qualification are eliminated in the second, third and the unfortunate ones even in their final year because they have reached a point considered un-trainable. On one hand those struggle to the point of graduation, end up with silent degrees that incapacities them to further their education while on the other hand students from the so called superior ethnic groups despite being dull are awarded graded degrees such as credit, merit and even at distinction level. In addition, brilliant and intelligent students from inferior tribes who happen to graduate with Distinction are never retained as Student Development Fellows in these Universities, but those from the so called superior tribes are quickly assimilated into the systems as disciples and quickly sent for further training on the strength of a public learning institution.

Educationcide incorporates terms like academiccide and schoolcides which are enforced to achieve the same goal. I said that education is the source of economical power, social power, political power and religious power. So if an ethnic group is denied its basic right to education, then that ethnic group is condemned to poverty. Most of our tertiary institutions in Zambia today have been modeled to perpetuate educationcide. Once educationcide is in process, it gives rise to economiccide, socialcide, politicalcides, religiouscide, jobcides and mediacide, which once they mature take the form of genocide. Genocide is in two forms. The first form is where the oppressors, normally considering themselves as superior ethnic groups or tribes, physically eliminates other ethnic groups by any means in order to maintain their superior standing while the second form of genocide is where the oppressed, normally considered inferior ethnic groups or tribes, rise to the challenge to claim their rights and Zambia has been preparing herself to experience genocide unless the guilty ones or the perpetrators of educationcide take a deliberate turn in this policy. I bet the damage that has already been done cannot be repaired in less than twelve months before Zambia writes her Genocide Sessional Examination (GSE) in 2011. The political violence that we have started experiencing is not necessary political violence but the fruits of genocide at a small scale, which is using the political platform as a scapegoat. I end my letter with the same question I asked in the beginning, Is Zambia headed for genocide, the Cry for Barotseland?


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    NAWA NYAMBE 6 years

    The country is on auto pailot as the president is not sure as to whether he is dreaming or awake. The high level of nepotism from state house will send us to the worst point.

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    Dear readers,
    I must say I enjoyed every comment published on this blog. Whatever your comment was; either positive or negative; I was able to gauge the objective of the article and to tell from which part of Zambia the feedback writer come from. Sometimes the truth is good despite being painful. Truth is truth. You do not need to research the truth. Wise people have always said that “there is no smoke without fire”. ZWD has proved itself to be a neutral organization that has developed the capacity to give voice to the voiceless. It has proved itself to be unique and outstanding among all forms of media. ZWD is here to give hope of expression to those who have been denied by some media. ZWD has built a platform where all stakeholders to an expressed opinion can be able to express their feedback opinion without favour or fear. I brought in MUVI TV because of their coverage of BFM event. I do not hate MUVI TV. I actually love watching MUTV TV and I am proud of MUTV TV as a private station. I like their news policy whether it is their news policy or their approach to covering news of “know it first because we cover it first and wide”. Because of this approach MUVI TV has managed to cover news items from every part of Zambia and sometimes involving sensitive issues that would not be covered in detail by ZNBC. I know that MUVI TV is a private television station and they have the right to do whatever they want to do. One thing I do not like about MUVI TV is that most of their programming except for news is done in three languages; that is in English, Nyanja and Bemba. If MUVI TV was located in any part of Eastern Province, I would not have a problem with that. This was the gist of the matter regarding Liseli Radio Station’s programming in Mongu. But the fact that MUVI TV is situated right up here in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia with so many languages being spoken, even if they were a private station, MUVI TV would do us proud if they also included other languages like Tonga, Lozi, Kaonde or Luvale in their programming. Again I am not the proprietor of MUVI TV or any form of private media house located here in Lusaka to decide in the interest of all the stakeholders what is best for any private media house. They know what they are doing and they have the right to do what is best for their media organizations. If the description of my article and my mental state is really what it is as alluded to by those whose feedback was not only negative, but also abusively negative as regard the right of expression, I would urge them to read Nkosinathi’s comment written on 29th October 2010. One thing I know for sure is that “pride comes in before a fall”. For those who have called for statistics, that is not a problem. Data can easily be provided, but one thing I know of a true, passionate and knowledgeable researcher is that once an allegation has been made, before they expose either their ignorance or biasness, they would first do a research on the allegation and later on then express their unbiased opinion on the matter. How true is this statement that normally “policy makers make policies that favour themselves”? Is this in line with the removal of the article of Abuse of Office from the Anti-graft law? And also this statement that says “you cannot bite the finger that feeds you” or is it possible that one can intelligently and fully aware poke his or her own eye without a cause? If a system favours a person, they would do and say anything to defend the system. Zambia would do well when we begin to respect one another irrespective of our tribe. I have the same right and the same power through ZWD electronic platform to use the same negative words, names and phrases to describe the negative comments especially coming from those who wrote trash against my article as well as myself as the author. But never the less, to you who all whose feedback was abusively negative, I still want to respect your comments by choice and I want to say bravo both to the students of Conspiracy Theories as well as ZWD for having provided this electronic platform to me respectively. I want to say that this debate has enriched my research. God bless you all.

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    gule wamukulu 7 years

    I have now seen it all.The author of this article is demented and needs serious and urgent help. Its worse actually, he is an insane tribalist and misusing prohibited drugs

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    Nkosinathi 7 years

    This article strike a feeling I had back in early 1980 just after independence in Zimbabwe. Mugabe applied all that is writen in this article and endeed in 1983 comited genocide where more than 30 000 civillians were mascared up 1987. As a Zimbabwean I have always held Zambia very highly, first I used to view Zambians as people with a deep respect, secondly for helping not Zimbabweans to gain its indepence but Southern Africa as well. Having grown in Bulawayo which had a high number of Zambians Rozwi, Bemba and Lubale migrant labours children at my school I had a strong feeling of brotherhood and I will get very hurt if what is written in this article is what is real is taking place in Zambia. I urge Zambians to take Zimbabwe as a leasson to avoid all the satanic ethinicity barbarism that was implimented by Mugabe using tribalism to destroy what used to be a breadbasket to a basket case it today. Zambians showed us what brotherhood means and they must use their wisdon not fail their futher generation.