Is Zamtel fibre optic only for companies?

Dear Sir/Madam,
As a regular internet user I wish to ask Zambian internet users and all stakeholders, through your popular online publication, if ZICTA has any role in regulating the service regarding our state-owned ZAMTEL’s optic fibre connection.
In July this year the ZAMTEL chief executive officer announced the completion of its optic fibre connectivity to two submarine cables through the Namibia Telecoms. I understand that Namibia has got the fastest and cheapest internet connectivity in Africa, so we expect our service here to
register a marked improvement with cheaper rates as well.

I currently access the internet through MTN. But last week, when I wanted to switch over to ZAMTEL, I visited one of their offices here in Lusaka where I was told that the modems were out of stock and, in any case, the optic fibre connectivity is only available to companies and NGOs and not to individuals. I am wondering whether this kind of discrimination is helping the majority of internet users because we were all waiting for this service and therefore ZAMTEL should make it available to everyone who needs it, and, at affordable rates.

I am appealing to all stakeholders to ensure that our MPs take up this matter with ZAMTEL.
ZICTA have not responded to my e-mails.

(Please do not disclose my name)

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