Islamic Council of Zambia says President Banda and Sata should not be given another chance

Leaders who have failed to deliver have no moral right to seek a second term of office, says the Islamic Council of Zambia.
In an interview with the Watchdog Friday, Islamic Council of Zambia (ICZ) national coordinator Adam Phiri said it is disappointing that poverty levels in Zambia and Africa as a whole have continued to rise despite governments claiming economic developments in the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors.

Phiri, the official spokesperson for ICZ said Leaders who have failed to deliver meaningful economic development such as those in the ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy and the Patriotic Front should not be given any chance near the corridors of power.

“Leaders who have failed don’t have any moral right to seek for another chance; Members of Parliament who have failed have no moral right to ask for a second term. They should not be given that chance because they have failed, asking for people to vote for you when you have failed is immoral and unacceptable even before God, President Banda has drastically failed, Sata was in government and he failed so why give them a second chance?” Phiri asked.

He said those claiming votes should seriously explain to the people why they needed to be voted for as opposed to making empty developmental promissory notes, adding that Zambia needs young leaders with fresh and independent minds to govern.
Phiri said the much talked about economic growth did not translate into feasible results as it did not trickle down to the grassroots whose poverty levels were still high.

“There is a problem, leaders don’t want to account for the promises they make during elections. How many promises did President Banda make during the 2008 elections? Where many and one of those is to give Zambians a constitution which will stand the test of time but nothing has been done,” he said.
Phiri said leaders must learn from events in some African countries such as Tunisia, Libya and Egypt where people have revolted against their leaders and governments.
“What happened in Egypt and other parts of the continent must be a lesson enough especially to those in leadership because it can spill over to other parts of the continent and Zambia inclusive, it may not be through an uprising but people can use a vote to kick out leaders who have failed, leaders who are corrupt. The Egypt situation is an eye opener,” he said.

Phiri said the reason people voted was to seek positive change in their lives.

“Let us not vote for leaders who are liars, leaders who say this today but do another thing tomorrow, let them give the people a time frame in which they will deliver their promises,” he said.


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