Islamic Council president Zimba is just a thief

The islamic council receives millions of kwacha quarterly for various projects but instead of using the money for its intended purpose, the president Suzyo Zimba has just amassed wealth and to cover himself, he has been ditching money to the PF from vice president inonge wina to the cadres at constituency and ward level, mostly those in chawama, kanyama and lusaka central.

He recently gave six cows to PF cadres and gave 3 cows to Inonge Wina on the 2nd of september, the period during which muslims were performing the anual pilgrimage to mecca, while many muslims in compounds were going round indian shops asking for food. Mr Zimba also lined up over 80 PF cadres masquaradin as students at his council offices along kafue road in makeni where each one of them received K2000 cash. He claimed he gave them the money to avoid confusion of the land he illegally acquired within chawama constituence.


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    Zealot 6 months

    wild reporting dd u ask Zimba to gv his side of the story we as ISCZ want facts as we ve issues wth some former committee members and one pro-Indian bootlicker who wants Indians to form their Indian only mother body and trusts wen the orgs shud ve had multiracial executives.we r aware of some Indians inciting our youth on th copperbelt to rise wen he is culprit of stealing donors’ funds for decades thy r at the epi centre of corruption.ask n one if in their executives thy ve an African or unless he donates k10000 which is a systematic way of keeping the muntu away. the source predictable: uja wamene Ali na mwana masquerading as KZ’s son was on video fighting the traffic officer & swindled a Chinese of $40000.A lot more. there has bn more development since Zimba was elected as president. abt the slaughtering of animals we donated to prisons, hospitals,orphanages, neighbours & friends. abt our brothers & sisters begging from the shops that’s wat the bootlickers wants so that fellow indigenous Muslims can continue wallowing in poverty. and he can continue shagging students who apply fo sponsorship from well intended donors & coloureds. mulungushi village saga wth some1’s wife we know u yes yo boys r boozers.more to b revealed yo trips to Malawi to seek “protection” from the sangomas how many ndembos do u ve on yo body u used some1′ grade 12 certificate to acquire entry into a university in Pakistan.kkkkk pipo who live in glass houses shud not throw stones