Isoka DC runs away from angry unpaid farmers

Isoka district commissioner Major Joe Siwila has fled his district to an unknown place for fear of being beaten by irate farmers who have not been paid, after he made a failed assurance that all farmers will be paid latest today.

Last week a group of irate farmers stormed Siwila’s office demanding to be paid but Siwila, basing on an assurance from agriculture minister Wylbur Simuusa that money will be released to clear the over K650 million government owes farmers for the maize supplied to FRA but only K50 million has been made available countrywide.

“If you are not paid by Thursday next week, just come and crucify me right in my office here because it will have meant that I have failed you,” Siwila assured the irate farmers but he is reported to have fled Isoka last night upon realizing that there was no money for farmers.

Disappointed, farmers have however vowed to ‘hunt’ for Siwila wherever he is and if he is out of town, he will be ‘sorted out’ as soon as he returns.

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