Israeli crooks milking Kasumbalesa border

Israeli crooks milking Kasumbalesa border

Editor ,
In 2011 when the late Michael Sata come to power taking over from Rupiah Bwezani Banda, he repossessed the kasumbalesa border post from the Israelites because they had already recovered their profits and the Congolese government also chased them.

But after President Edgar Lungu come to power and regrouped with MMD , they decided to give running of the border back to the Israeli crooks who are now running the facility. Per truck we pay $200 going and coming from DRC. They make billions of dollars every month and laundering it to Israel. Meanwhile, Congo government has developed the packing areas but here in Zambian side we are parking in dusty bays.. Ba Lungu, open your eyes well well.. as Zambians we are not as dull as you think that you can deceive us.. 700 trucks x $200 per day ..

Unhappy truck driver

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    zambiaisours 1 week ago

    This is totally true and one wonders why such a crime has to continue if not because of corruption!

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    katebe 2 weeks ago

    Now transporters have stopped there empty trucks going via Mokambo border post because the road is in a bad state such that trucks gets stuck in the sand.
    the decision by congo and there zambian counter parts was arrived at when congo side kasumbalesa was facelifting there parking area causing congestion of trucks on both sides on the border.But now that the congestion is no longer there the decision was not reversed to allow empty trucks to restart using Kasumbalesa border.