It is difficult for one to stop corruption when sponsored by corrupt people- Scott

Since the UPND now have a realistic chance of forming government, they will see for themselves how difficult it is to stop corrupt people from running affairs of government, says Acting president Guy Scott in response to Choma MP Cornelius Mweetwa during commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day at Government Complex this morning.

Scott however said the Zambian people have a chance to elect a corrupt free president in the forth-coming presidential by-election.

And in an apparent reference to Edgar Lungu, Scott said it was difficult for someone to stop corruption when they were sponsored by corrupt people.

Scott was responding to APNAC Chairperson and UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa who condemned corruption perpetuated by the ruling party, especially during by-elections.

Mweetwa called on government to allow all political players have access to public institutions such as the Zambia national Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in media coverage.

The UPND parliamentarian also said Zambians must now work hard and start afresh with a corrupt free government after 2oth January next year.


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