It is foolish to export maize in face of drought – Milupi

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi says it is utter foolishness for Zambia to continue exporting maize in the face of a drought.

Mr. Milupi has wondered why government is encouraging the export of maize at a time that a food crisis is imminent owing to the poor rainfall the Country is currently experiencing.

Charles Milupi

He notes that given the dry spell that has hit Zambia he personally thinks that the Country will be very lucky to even produce 1 million tons of maize this year.

Mr. Milupi says Zambia will fail to meet its annual requirement of 1.9 million tones of maize not only because of the erratic rainfall but also because of the changes in the Farmer Input Support Programme.

He states that the fact that inputs for maize producing farmers that rely on this programme have been reduced it also follows that their yields will also dwindle.

The ADD leader tells Qfm News that he thus foresees Zambia being in a serious hunger situation this year.

He says the government may have to import the same maize or yellow maize even from the Countries that it is allowing the export of the grain to

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