It is good Sata is bringing back my companies- KK

It is good Sata is bringing back my companies- KK

First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda yesterday praised President Michael Sata’s economic policies, especially that of bringing back companies he (KK) formed.

According to state owned, but PF controlled ZNBC news, Dr. Kaunda told Indeni Oil Refinery workers that President Sata was a good leader and urged them to support him.

Dr Kaunda said Zambians were fortunate to have a leader like President Michael Sata under whose leadership the Government had taken the lead to revamp companies like Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) which could have folded up.

Dr Kaunda has also bemoaned the closure of the many national companies dotted around various parts of the country which his UNIP Government laboured to build for the benefit of the Zambian people during his 27-year rule.

Dr.Kaunda said Sata should be supported for working hard to revamp the companies he created that the MMD destroyed.

The PF government has been ‘nationalizing’ same of the companies that were privatized by the Fredrick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa under MMD which President Sata was also of.

On several occasions, the same Kaunda had previously said that Sata could not make a good President because he needs to be supervised.

One of Dr. Kaunda’s sons Panji is a member of Sata’s cabinet as Deputy Minister.

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